I will work on expanding the pages when I have time. For now, I’m listing important New Age topics as pages so that I don’t forget about them. --AKaibni (talk) 02:17, April 24, 2015 (UTC)AKaibni

I know this sounds irrational and ahistorical, but believe it or not, New Age practitioners are called Zoroastians because their beliefs coincides with the Persian prophet Zoroaster (Persian name Zoruiester).  Zoroastrians believe that if a man is bad, he will become a shadow of himself subject to rebirth while if a man is good, then he will rest in peace and break the cycle of rebirth.  Before the religion was called New Age, it was called Zoroastrianism after the Zoroastians, not Zoroaster.  Shirley MacLaine nicknamed it "the Ancient New Age" because the term did not exist at that time.  The term "New Ager" is considered offensive because it denies the existence of Zoroaster and implies the New Age is the same as a Person religion known as Mazdism into which was confused with Zoroastrianism.  Now that it is called "New Age," many have lost all knowledge of its previous name and thus the basis of the controversial "New Age religions," into which do not exist.  Zoroastrianism is also a pantheon of 33 Thanes, or "Higher Powers," into whom are worshipped by children and appreciated by adults.  The reason why the pantheon counters as a religion is because the gods were drawn instead of sculptures.

The faith was founded by Celtic Christian girl genius Zelda Pendragon --aka Zoroaster -- in A.D. 996 at the age of three.  New Age is simply put modern Zoroastrianism.

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