Ra is a social memory complex responsible for channeling the Law of One. A significant amount of Wanderers are of Ra. They call themselves “The Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow”.

Blue AviansEdit

Ra can take the form of Blue Avians. All of their names begin with the syllable “Ra.” They have recently become known by those involved in the Secret Space Program. Ra can project itself into any form it chooses to but chose Blue Avians for symbolic purposes. Because Ra is a sixth-density entity, it has no need for technology. It can manifest anything it choses to. They “do not speak. They communicate telepathically while simultaneously holding up their right hand, palm forward, and doing very fast sign language that corresponds with what you hear in your mind…Only one hand was ever used.” They are not here to save us, but to help us save ourselves. [1]

“As the higher energies that the Blue Avians are diffusing come in, they literally affect us in our choices. Any choice which produces karma, we previously defined as a choice not to grow, will create more resistance, and now produce an immediate ‘correction.’” [2]

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