A female Pleiadian

Pleiadians are Nordic like humanoids that come from the Pleiades Star System.

Appearance and Features.Edit

Pleiadians look pretty much like human beings on earth, especially Nordic people. They feature blonde/silver hair, blue eyes, very light/tanned Nordic skin tones, and other common Nordic features. They tend to be taller than average human beings on earth. Like most developed extraterrestrials, Pleiadians are able to communicate using telepathy.


Like most developed extraterrestrial beings, Pleiadians live in harmony in their homeland. Their technology is more advanced than those on Earth. Flying saucer is the common type of vehicle for space travel. Marriage and relationship aren't as complicated as on earth as what most Pleiadians state. Male ejaculation is intended only for making a new life, instead of pleasure. Pleiadians learned the way of the sacred sex/Tantra sex/Taoism sex. They can live up to 200 years old, and some of them end their life not because of disease, but because they feel like they have done their task on life and they are ready to incarnate. People ages of 10-20s are considered kids, while people at ages 30s-60s are considered adolescents. People ages 70s and more are considered adults.

The Pleiadian Light Council.Edit

The Pleiadian Council was formed approximately 200,000 years after the first Great Galactic War. The aftermath of the Galactic war in the Lyra system sent the humanoid Lyraen civilization throughout the galaxy. Historically, this event has been the most dramatic and desperate time for humanity to date. Many of the Lyraen refugees made their way to the Pleiadies Star Cluster. The Pleiadies Star Cluster contains over 1,000 stars and spans eight light years across. The Lyraen refugees used large transport ships to depart to the Pleiadies systems, beyond their equipment they had very little left after the war. The planet Erra, which orbits the star system of the star Taygeta, was currently inhabited but extremely remote and had a very small and slightly primitive population. There are many other planets in the Pleiadies Star Cluster, however most are uninhabitable (Taygeta has 10 planets orbiting the star). Other refugees went to the lesser planets in the Pleiadies known to us as Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal.

After a period of over 200,000 years the Pleiadian civilization began to flourish. Not only were the four main planets of Erra, Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal thriving, but Pleiadians were beginning to explore and terraform other planets in the Pleiadies Star Cluster and beyond. At this time the Pleiadians formed the Pleiadian Council of Light (also known as the High Council, locally).

The Pleiadians Light Council provides spiritual, tactical and governmental guidance to the Pleiadians. The Council consists of 12 members per division with 12 divisions in total creating a total of 144 elected High Council Members. There is hierarchy among the divisions with the Grand Council of Light being headed on the planet Erra. The Council performs many different tasks overseeing the entirety of Pleiadian relations with the rest of the galaxy. The Pleiadians Light Council is an essential member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and has a enormous impact on the decisions made for the galactic whole.