The New Age religion was founded in A.D. 996 Breton (England) by a Celtic Christian girl genius named Fiona Ravenheart of Glastonbury in the form of a book she titled the Holy Turas, into which is Gaelic for "journey." New Age is Gaelic for "eternity." Practitioners of the faith are called Manx, or "elders.". When presented to the pope by her adoptive mother, a nun, he declared the New Age to be a religion saying she made a fool out of the Devil for thirty pieces of gold when she said she betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. It was at that time when the pope venerated her as a saint named the Guardian Angel. She later ascended into Heaven alive without being dead at age 113. Today, it is the largest religion in the world with 2.2 billion Manx followed by Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Like Buddhism, New Age is nontheistic, meaning void of God. Manx believe in God as a cosmic power that keeps creating without end. It is believed that if a man is good, then he will rest in peace wheras if a man is bad, then he will become a shadow of himself. It must be noted that New Agers are practitioners of New Thought, a highly controversial religion. The Turas is commonly known as the Lord Of The Rings book divided into three parts we are familiar with. The New Age movement was a mass convertion to the faith during the late 1980's, when Pendragon (the ruling body) allowed the faith to be passed on directly without the need of a successor. During the 1990's, Pendragon repealed the mandate instating that succession by an elder is the means of becoming a Manx.