According to the Law of One, humans have never occupied any density below third. Humans souls are born onto the third density via a matrix of love. [1]

According to Edgar Cayce, human souls are perfect fractals of the Creator. They are literally made in the image of God.

Robert Monroe in his astral projections discovered that the earth is a giant loosh factory.

Panspermia Edit

Some Cabal insiders claim that the human genome contains a combination of genes from 22 different alien species.

Homo Luminous Edit

According to most ancient cultures, a new species of man is set to appear sometime around 2012. Some estimate it to appear in about 50 years after we enter the Golden Age. We will evolve into beings of light and achieve the Rainbow Body associated with freedom from reincarnation. We are set to enter the fourth density.

Living in the fourth density is 100 times more harmonious than living on earth. It will be impossible to cause disharmony in any way. Everyone will speak via telepathy. [2]

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