There are 12 Points. 6 Physical 6 Multy-D ofc each having 6 of its own etc... From physical point of view all 12 are not in our Animal- K or Physical plane. Truth is there is no truth. There is a physical method of energy storage DnA. Truth is 96% Junk DnA is more then 4% Physical DnS . So is it possible to see traces of multy dimensional storage in the 96% junk? The invisible 6 Chakras in a reality where even the first physical are called junk? Idk... My eyes are glowing i glow somewhat somitmes in Divine Female liquide colors thanks too planetery movement and theyr Divine Attributes . If you wana glow i suggest a Divine Attributes.

 Fresh system

¿ Cha- & Chi- ? 》 ¿? Yes Cha physical base , Chi E&@ther or simly MultyD. Root Cha/Chi Feet to 》Base of Spine

Scaral Cha/Chi Spine to 》Belly

Solar Cha/Chi Belly to 》Heart

Heart Cha/Chi Heart to 》 Throat

Throat Cha/Chi Throat to》 Around head Forehead

Gods eye ChaChi is is a whole body experiance , creates a illusion we call reality simply because we can only see god thru illusion.

Now i made it 12 to support 12 DnA Strands 6 Physical 6 MultyD . To detect physical Cha's is easy the Etheral Chi's are impossible to detect. Outside force activates them example : ArcAngels

Please consider Duality

Earth’s Chakra System Edit


The earth is said to have its own chakra system due to the fact that it’s a living being. There is no general consensus on the true locations of the earth’s chakras.


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